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jobs [-l]

List the active jobs under job control.  See job control commands.

The -l option lists process IDs, in addition to the normal information.

The shell associates a numbered job with each command sequence to keep track of those commands that are running in the background or have been stopped with TSTP signals (typically CTRL-z). When a command or command sequence (semicolon separated list) is started in the background using the & metacharacter, the shell displays a line with the job number in brackets and a list of associated process numbers:

[1] 1234
To see the current list of jobs, use the jobs built-in command. The job most recently stopped (or put into the back-ground if none are stopped) is referred to as the current job and is indicated with a ‘+’. 

The previous job is indicated with a ‘-‘; when the current job is terminated or moved to the foreground, this job takes its place (becomes the new current job).

To manipulate jobs, refer to the bg , fg , kill , stop , and % built-in commands.

A reference to a job begins with a ‘%’. By itself, the percent-sign refers to the current job.

Reference Description
 % %+ %% The current job.
 %minus; The previous job.
%j Refer to job j as in: ‘kill -9 %j’. j can be a job number, or a string that uniquely specifies the command line by which it was started; ‘fg %vi’ might bring a stopped vi job to the foreground, for instance.
%?string Specify the job for which the command line uniquely contains string

A job running in the background stops when it attempts to read from the terminal. Background jobs can normally produce output, but this can be suppressed using the ‘stty tostop’ command.



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