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Expressions & Operators
Expression Description
(...) grouping
**~" one’s complement
! logical negation
(These are right associative, which can lead to unexpected results. Group combinations explicitly with parentheses.)
+ -  addition, subtraction (also right associative)
bitwise shift left
bitwise shift right
=**~  ! **~"
filename substitution pattern match
& Bitwise AND
^ Bitwise Exclusive OR (XOR)
| Bitwise inclusive OR
&& Logical AND
|| Logical OR

File Inquiries Description
-r filename Return true, or 1 if the user has read access.  Otherwise it returns false, or 0.
-w filename True if the user has write access.
-x filename True if the user has execute permission (or search permission on a directory).
-e filename True if filename exists.
-o filename True if the user owns filename.
-z filename True if filename is of zero length (empty).
-f filename True if filename is a plain file.
-d filename True if filename is a directory.


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