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AWK Programmable Text Manipulation Commands

Arithmatic Functions:
Command Description
cos(x) Return cosine of x, where x is in radians.
sin(x) Return sine of x, where x is in radians.
exp(x) Return the exponential function of x.
log(x) Return the natural logarithm of x.
sqrt(x) Return the square root of x.
int(x) Truncate its argument to an integer. It will be truncated toward 0 when x > 0.

String Functions:

Command Description
index(s, t) Return the position in string s where string t first occurs, or 0 if it does not occur at all.
int(s) truncates s to an integer value. If s is not specified, $0 is used.
length(s) Return the length of its argument taken as a string, or of the whole line if there is no argument.
match(s, re) Return the position in string s where the regular expression re occurs, or 0 if it does not occur at all.
split(s, a, fs) Split the string s into array elements a[1], a[2], ... a[n], and returns n. The separation is done with the regular expression fs or with the field separator FS if fs is not given.
sprintf(fmt, expr, 
Format the expressions according to the printf(3S) format given by fmt and returns the resulting string.
substr(s, m, n) returns the n-character substring of s that begins at position m.

Input/Output Functions:

Command Description
getline Set $0 to the next input record from the current input file. getline returns 1 for successful input, 0 for end of file, and -1 for an error.



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