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Typing out long words repeatedly is a pain, so the geniuses at the Internet© invented geek acronyms, they make life easier for users of IRC, and life a little hard for newbies.
Here are a few of the commonly seen acronyms.

AFK : Away from keyboard ("afk, feeding dog")

AFAIK : As far as I know ("he is from Nebraska, afaik")

ATM : At the moment ("ATM, I am eating")

BBIAF or BBIAS : Be back in a second ("bbias, sending e-mail")

BBL : Be back later ("dinner time, bbl")

BRB : Be right back ("brb, doing other stuff")

BTW : By the way ("BTW, I hate you")

CUL8R : See you later ("c" "u" "l-eight-r") ("I will BBL", "ok, cul8r")

<EG> : Evil grin ("whoa, he is ugly <EG>")

heh: Heh. Hah . (as in they said something funny)

ICB(F)B : I Cant Be (F)Bothered

IMO or IMHO : In my opinion ("You suck, imho")

IRL : In real life ("I met Bob last year IRL")

J/K : Just kidding ("you suck... j/k")

LOL : Laughing out loud ("you suck.... LOL j/k")

LTNS : Long-time-no-see ("Bob! LTNS!!! How have you been?")

NM or n/m : Nothing much or never mind("sup?", "n/m")

NP or n/p : No problem ("Thanks", "n/p")

OIC : Oh, I see ("No, you are wrong, the Treaty of Ghent was signed in 1896 not 1895", "OIC")

pls : "Please" ("Go to the store, pls")

re : Hi again (repeat hi) ("re bob!")

rofl or rotfl or roflol : Rolling on the floor laughing out loud

'sup : What is up?

WB : Welcome back (a polite form)



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