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Anyone who has used IRC for any length of time has heard of "scripts", and almost everyone has heard of "script kiddies". This page will explain what scripts are, how they work, downloadable scripts that are ready to run, information on how to write your own, and links to other resources.

What is a script?

A script is simply a set of commands, written in a language that an IRC client can interpret, and carry out these commands automatically. There are many types of scripts, some designed to make your IRC experience easier or more enjoyable, and some classified as the infamous WAR scripts, designed to aid in taking over an IRC channel, or creating havoc for other users.

You can find all types of scripts by following the links below:

These sites contain THOUSANDS of ready to run scripts

This area is under heavy construction, and soon we will have over 5,000 scripts for a wide variety of clients available on this server for direct and easy download. Please bear with us while we index and test them.


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