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AIX Quick Reference

1.1 Log in 

           At the Login: prompt, type your username
           At the Password: prompt, type your password
           At the request for the Terminal type?
press [Enter]

1.2 Log out Type exit, [CNTRL] d

1.3 Terminate processes Type [CNTRL] c to stop the current processes.

1.4 Change password Type passwrd Enter old password Enter new
password Re-enter password

2.1 Change directories 

          cd             - change to your home directory
          cd ..          - change to parent directory
          cd directory   - change to that directory
2.2 List files ls ls -a - hidden files and directories
ls -l - long listing 
(size, permissions, ownership, dates)
2.3 Remove files and directories rm filename(s) rm-r 
directory - removes all files and subdirectories 
rmdir directory - remove empty directory

2.4 Copy files cp source target - where source and target are directories or files

2.5 Move/Rename files and directories mv source-file destination-file -
renames a file
mv source-file destination-directory - move file to new directory
mv source-directory destination-directory - rename a directory

2.6 Look at files cat filename more filename pg filename

2.7 Printing files prnt filename



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