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Solaris x86 Resources  

Solaris on Intel Get the scoop straight from the source.
Get Solaris Get your free copy of Solaris
lxrun Run linux apps on your x86 Solaris! Released free from Sun. Solaris documentation right from Sun. Nice site for Solaris news and information. Fiver's Site.  Good information.  Get the latest ECGS (C Compiler) here. Good resource site. Many pre-packaged binaries. More pre-packaged binaries. Great site for Window Managers...includes screenshots. Here for PPP problems.
Star Division StarOffice.  A nice replacement for MS Office, reads and writes MS Office formats.
alt.solaris.x86 Newsgroup for x86 Solaris
comp.unix.solaris The Solaris newsgroup, also contains lots of x86 information. Solaris x86 Mailing List
Security Solaris security issues.

General Unix resources

IPFilter A must have! Not only a filter, but a NAT, use it to set up an invisable proxy.
TCP_Wrappers The 90's motto...wrap it up! Home of tcp_wrappers.
Sendmail Sendmail
Fetchmail Use this to setup multiple pop retrieval.
ht://Dig This is the search used on this site.
Hypermail This archives the mailing lists.
Majordomo Majordomo mailing list manager.
Majorcool Web Interface for Majordomo.
Imp The Imap Web Mail.
Samba Merge Unix and NT Networks.
Squid High performance proxy cache. The choice for a Unix based proxy.
Apache Apache Web Server

This Solaris Operating System site owned by Stephen K. Gielda.
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