New Mailer Flags

Several new mailer flags have been added.

Try to use ESMTP when creating a connection. If this is not set, sendmail will still try if the other end hints that it knows about ESMTP in its greeting message; this flag says to try even if it doesn't hint. If the EHLO (extended hello) command fails, sendmail falls back to old SMTP.
Try the user part of addresses for this mailer as aliases.
Ensure that there is a blank line at the end of all messages.
Strip all comments from addresses; this should only be used as a last resort when dealing with cranky mailers.
Never use the null sender as the envelope sender, even when running SMTP. Although this violates RFC 1123, it may be necessary when you must deal with some obnoxious old hosts.
Turn off the loopback check in the HELO protocol; doing this may cause mailer loops.
Always run the mailer as the recipient of the message.
This user should have a passwd file entry.
Try ruleset 5 if no local aliases.
Strip all output to 7 bits.
Check for :include: files.
Check for |program addresses.
Check for /file addresses.
Check this user against the user database.

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