Parameters in src/Makefile

These parameters are intended to describe the compilation environment, not site policy, and should normally be defined in src/Makefile.

If set, the new version of the DBM library that allows multiple databases will be used. If neither NDBM nor NEWDB are set, a much less efficient method of alias lookup is used.
If set, use the new database package from Berkeley (from 4.4BSD). This package is substantially faster than DBM or NDBM. If NEWDB and NDBM are both set, sendmail will read DBM files, but will create and use NEWDB files.
Include support for NIS. If set together with both NEWDB and NDBM, sendmail will create both DBM and NEWDB files if and only if an alias file includes the substring /yp/ in the name. This is intended for compatibility with Sun Microsystems' mkalias program used on YP masters.
Compile in support for NIS+.
Compile in support for NetInfo (NeXT stations).
Compile in support for Hesiod.
The pathname of the file.
The pathname of the file.

There are also several compilation flags to indicate the environment such as _AIX3 and _SCO_unix_. See the READ_ME file for the latest scoop on these flags.

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