Structure of the user database

The database is a sorted (BTree-based) structure. User records are stored with the key:

The sorted database format ensures that user records are clustered together. Meta-information is always stored with a leading colon.

Field names define both the syntax and semantics of the value. Defined fields include:

The delivery address for this user. There may be multiple values of this record. In particular, mailing lists will have one maildrop record for each user on the list.
The outgoing mailname for this user. For each outgoing name, there should be an appropriate maildrop record for that name to allow return mail. See also :default:mailname.
Changes any mail sent to this address to have the indicated envelope sender. This is intended for mailing lists, and will normally be the name of an appropriate -request address. It is very similar to the owner- list syntax in the alias file.
The full name of the user.
The office address for this user.
The office phone number for this user.
The office FAX number for this user.
The home address for this user.
The home phone number for this user.
The home FAX number for this user.
A (short) description of the project this person is affiliated with. In the University this is often just the name of their graduate advisor.
A pointer to a file from which plan information can be gathered.

As of this writing, only a few of these fields are actually being used by sendmail: maildrop and mailname. A finger program that uses the other fields is planned.

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