List owners

If an error occurs on sending to a certain address, say x, sendmail will look for an alias of the form owner-x to receive the errors. This is typically useful for a mailing list where the submitter of the list has no control over the maintenance of the list itself; in this case the list maintainer would be the owner of the list. For example:

unix-wizards: eric@ucbarpa, wnj@monet, nosuchuser,
owner-unix-wizards: unix-wizards-request
unix-wizards-request: eric@ucbarpa
would cause eric@ucbarpa to get the error that will occur when someone sends to unix-wizards due to the inclusion of nosuchuser on the list.

List owners also cause the envelope sender address to be modified. The contents of the owner alias are used if they point to a single user, otherwise the name of the alias itself is used. For this reason, and to obey Internet conventions, the owner- address normally points at the -request address; this causes messages to go out with the typical Internet convention of using `` list-request'' as the return address.

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