The system aliases are held in /etc/aliases. A sample is given in lib/aliases which includes some aliases which must be defined:

cp lib/aliases /etc/aliases
edit /etc/aliases
You should extend this file with any aliases that are apropos to your system.

Normally sendmail looks at a version of these files maintained by the dbm(3) or db(3) routines. These are stored either in /etc/aliases.dir and /etc/aliases.pag or /etc/aliases.db depending on which database package you are using. These can initially be created as empty files, but they will have to be initialized promptly. These should be mode 644:

cp /dev/null /etc/aliases.dir
cp /dev/null /etc/aliases.pag
chmod 644 /etc/aliases.*
The db routines preset the mode reasonably, so this step can be skipped. The actual path of this file is defined in the A option of the sendmail.cf file.

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