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Debug: L--Notes

Using the l command without parameters

When you use the l command without parameters, the file you specified on the debug command line is loaded into memory, beginning at address CS:100. Debug also sets the BX and CX registers to the number of bytes loaded. If you did not specify a file on the debug command line, the file loaded is the one you most recently specified by using the n command.

Using the l command with the address parameter

If you use the l command with the address parameter, Debug begins loading the file or the contents of the specified sectors at the memory location address.

Using the l command with all parameters

If you use the l command with all parameters, Debug loads the contents of specific disk sectors instead of loading a file.

Loading the contents of specific sectors

Each sector in the range you specify is read from drive. Debug begins loading with start and continues until the contents of the number of sectors specified in number have been loaded.

Loading an .EXE file

Debug ignores the address parameter for .EXE files. If you specify an .EXE file, Debug relocates the file to the loading address specified in the header of the .EXE file. The header itself is stripped off the .EXE file before the file is loaded into memory, so the size of an .EXE file on disk differs from its size in memory. If you want to examine a complete .EXE file, rename the file with a different extension.

Opening a hex file

A hex file is a file that uses the Intel hexadecimal format, as described in The MS-DOS Encyclopedia (Microsoft Press, 1988). Debug assumes that files with the .HEX extension are hexadecimal-format files. You can type the l command with no parameters to load a hex file beginning at the address specified in the hex file. If the l command you type includes the address parameter, Debug adds the specified address to the address found in the hex file to determine the starting address.

More Information About Debug: L

ntcmds00000001.gif Debug: L--Examples

ntcmds00000001.gif Debug: L


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