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Debug: E--Notes

Using the address parameter

If you specify a value for address without specifying a value for the optional list parameter, Debug displays the address and its contents, repeats the address on the next line, and waits for your input. At this point, you can perform one of the following actions:

ntcmds00000002.gif Replace the byte value. To do this, you type a new value after the current value. If the value you type is not a valid hexadecimal value or if it contains more than two digits, Debug does not echo the invalid or extra character.

ntcmds00000002.gif Advance to the next byte. To do this, you press the SPACEBAR. To change the value in that byte, type a new value after the current value. If you move beyond an 8-byte boundary when you press the SPACEBAR, Debug starts a new display line and displays the new address at the beginning of the line.

ntcmds00000002.gif Return to the preceding byte. To do this, you press the HYPHEN key. You can press the HYPHEN key repeatedly to move back more than 1 byte. When you press HYPHEN, Debug starts a new line and displays the current address and byte value.

ntcmds00000002.gif Stop the e command. To do this, you press the ENTER key. You can press ENTER at any byte position.

Using the list parameter

If you specify values for the list parameter, the e command sequentially replaces the existing byte values with the values from the list. If an error occurs, no byte values are changed.

List values can be either hexadecimal byte values or strings. You separate values by using a space, a comma, or a tab character. You must enclose strings within single or double quotation marks.

More Information About Debug: E

ntcmds00000001.gif Debug: E--Examples

ntcmds00000001.gif Debug: E


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