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Debug: C--Example

The following commands have the same effect:

c100,10f 300
c100l10 300

Each command compares the block of memory from 100h through 10Fh with the block of memory from 300h through 30Fh.

Debug responds to either of the previous commands with a display similar to the following (assuming DS = 197F):

197F:0100 4D E4 197F:0300
197F:0101 67 99 197F:0301
197F:0102 A3 27 197F:0302
197F:0103 35 F3 197F:0303
197F:0104 97 BD 197F:0304
197F:0105 04 35 197F:0305
197F:0107 76 71 197F:0307
197F:0108 E6 11 197F:0308
197F:0109 19 2C 197F:0309
197F:010A 80 0A 197F:030A
197F:010B 36 7F 197F:030B
197F:010C BE 22 197F:030C
197F:010D 83 93 197F:030D
197F:010E 49 77 197F:030E
197F:010F 4F 8A 197F:030F

Notice that the addresses 197F:0106 and 197F:0306 are missing from the list. This means that the values in those addresses are identical.

More Information About Debug: C

ntcmds00000001.gif Debug: C--Note

ntcmds00000001.gif Debug: C


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