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Nslookup Notes

Interactive Commands

1 To interrupt interactive commands at any time, type CTRL+C.

2 To exit, type exit.

3 The command line length must be less than 256 characters.

4 To treat a built-in command as a computer name, precede it with the escape character (\).

5 An unrecognized command is interpreted as a computer name.


If the lookup request fails, an error message prints. Possible errors are:

ntcmds00000002.gif Timed out

The server did not respond to a request after a certain amount of time (changed with set timeout=value) and a certain number of retries (changed with set retry=value).

ntcmds00000002.gif No response from server

No DNS name server is running on the server computer.

ntcmds00000002.gif No records

The DNS name server does not have resource records of the current query type for the computer, although the computer name is valid. The query type is specified with the set querytype command.

ntcmds00000002.gif Non-existent domain

The computer or DNS domain name does not exist.

ntcmds00000002.gif Connection refused


Network is unreachable

The connection to the DNS name server or finger server could not be made. This error commonly occurs with ls and finger requests.

ntcmds00000002.gif Server failure

The DNS name server found an internal inconsistency in its database and could not return a valid answer.

ntcmds00000002.gif Refused

The DNS name server refused to service the request.

ntcmds00000002.gif Format error

The DNS name server found that the request packet was not in the proper format. It may indicate an error in nslookup.


For in-depth coverage of nslookup, see DNS and BIND by Paul Albitz and Cricket Liu, published by OReilly and Associates.

More Information About Nslookup

ntcmds00000001.gif Nslookup


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