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Displays and modifies the IP-to-Ethernet or token ring physical address translation tables used by address resolution protocol (ARP). This command is available only if the TCP/IP protocol has been installed.

arp -a [inet_addr] [-N [if_addr]]

arp -d in_addr [if_addr]

arp -s in_addr ether_addr [if_addr]



Displays current ARP entries by querying TCP/IP. If inet_addr is specified, only the IP and physical addresses for the specified computer are displayed.


Identical to -a.


Specifies an IP address in dotted decimal notation.


Displays the ARP entries for the network interface specified by if_addr.


Specifies, if present, the IP address of the inteface whose address translation table should be modified. If not present, the first applicable interface will be used.


Deletes the entry specified by inet_addr.


Adds an entry in the ARP cache to associate the IP address inet_addr with the physical address ether_addr. The physical address is given as 6 hexadecimal bytes separated by hyphens. The IP address is specified using dotted decimal notation. The entry is permanent, that is, it will not be automatically removed from the cache after the timeout expires.


Specifies a physical address.


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