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Net Session--Notes

The net session command can also be typed net sessions or net sess.

Use the net session command to display the computernames and usernames of users accessing a server, whether they have files open, and how long each user's session has been idle.

The display is similar to the following:

Computer User name Client type Opens Idle time
\\SHARONCA Administrator DOS LM 2.1 0 01:05:13

To display one user's session, include \\computername with the command. A single user's display includes a list of shared resources to which the user has connections.

A session is recorded when a user at a client successfully contacts a server. A successful session occurs when the two systems are on the same network, and the user has a username and password that are accepted by the server. A user at a client has to have a session with a server before being able to use the server's resources, and a session is not established until a user at a client connects to a resource. A client and a server have only one session, but they can have many entry points, or connections, to resources.

To set how long a session can remain idle before being automatically disconnected, set the autodisconnect feature using the /autodisconnect option of the net config server command. An automatic disconnection is transparent to the user because Windows NT automatically reconnects the session when the user uses the resource again.

To end a session with the server, use the /delete option along with \\computername.

More Information About Net Session

ntcmds00000001.gif Net Session--Examples

ntcmds00000001.gif Net Session


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