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Using the version table

Many programs designed to run with a previous version of MS-DOS will run correctly with Windows NT. In some cases, however, a program might not run correctly unless its name is included in the version table. The table indicates to the program that it is running with the MS-DOS version for which it was designed, even though it is running in the MS-DOS subsystem. By interpreting MS-DOS version 5.0 as the earlier version, the program will probably run correctly; however, using setver will not solve the problem if the program is not compatible with Windows NT.

Loading the version table into memory

Before you can use the setver command, the version table must be loaded into memory by a device command in your CONFIG.NT file.

Restarting after updating the version table

When you update the version table by adding or deleting entries, you must start a new command prompt session to reread the version table.

Updating existing entries

If you specify a filename that is already in the version table, the new entry replaces the existing entry.

Setver exit codes

The following list shows each exit code and a brief description of its meaning:

Setver successfully completed its task.
The user specified an invalid command switch.
The user specified an invalid filename.
There is insufficient system memory to carry out the command.
The user specified an invalid version-number format.
Setver could not find the specified entry in the version table.
Setver could not find the SETVER.EXE file.
The user specified an invalid drive.
The user specified too many command-line parameters.
Setver detected missing command-line parameters.
Setver detected an error while reading the SETVER.EXE file.
The SETVER.EXE file is corrupt.
The specified SETVER.EXE file does not support a version table.
There is insufficient space in the version table for a new entry.
Setver detected an error while writing to the SETVER.EXE file.

You can use the errorlevel parameter on the if command line in a batch program to process exit codes returned by setver. For an example of a batch program that processes exit codes, see the if command.

More Information About Setver

ntcmds00000001.gif Setver--Examples

ntcmds00000001.gif Setver


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