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Cannot use MS-DOS Editor if Windows NT QBasic is not present

To use MS-DOS Editor, you must have the QBASIC.EXE file in the current directory or in your search path or in the same directory as the EDIT.COM file. If you delete QBASIC.EXE to save space on your hard disk, you cannot use MS-DOS Editor.

Running consecutive Basic programs

You can run consecutive Basic programs from a batch file by using the Basic system statement and the qbasic command with the /run switch. A system statement returns control to Windows NT after a Basic program has run, instead of returning to QBasic. This allows you to run more than one Basic program from a batch file without having to intervene.

Converting a GW-BASIC program to run in QBasic

For a Basic program that helps convert GW-BASIC programs to QBasic, see the file REMLINE.BAS (included with QBasic).

Display of shortcut keys

Some monitors may not support the display of shortcut keys by default. If your monitor does not display shortcut keys, use the /b switch (for CGA monitors) and the /nohi switch (for systems that do not support bold characters).

More Information About QBasic

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