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Mode (Configure Serial Port)

Configures a serial communications port.

This version of the mode command sets the parameters for a serial port (COM1, COM2, COM3, etc).

mode comm[:] [baud=b] [parity=p] [data=d] [stop=s] [to=on|off] [xon=on|off] [odsr=on|off] [octs=on|off] [dtr=on|off|hs] [rts=on|off|hs|tg] [idsr=on|off]



Specifies the number of the asynchronous-communications (COM) port.


Specifies the transmission rate in bits per second. The following list shows valid abbreviations for b and its related rate:

11 110 baud

15 150 baud

30 300 baud

60 600 baud

12 1200 baud

24 2400 baud

48 4800 baud

96 9600 baud

19 19,200 baud


Specifies how the system uses the parity bit to check for transmission errors. The p value can be one of the following: n (none), e (even), o (odd), m (mark), or s (space). The default value is e. Not all computers support the values m and s.


Specifies the number of data bits in a character. Valid values for d are in the range 5 through 8. The default value is 7. Not all computers support the values 5 and 6.


Specifies the number of stop bits that define the end of a character: 1, 1.5, or 2. If the baud rate is 110, the default value is 2; otherwise, the default value is 1. Not all computers support the value 1.5.


Specifies whether infinite time-out processing is on or off. The default is off.


Specifies whether the xon or xoff protocol for data-flow control is on or off.


Specifies whether output handshaking that uses the Data Set Ready (DSR) circuit is on or off.


Specifies whether output handshaking that uses the Clear To Send (CTS) circuit is on or off.


Specifes whether the DTR circuit is on or off.


Specifies whether the RTS circuit is set to on, off, handshake, or toggle.


Specifies whether the DSR circuit sensitivity is on or off.


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