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Findstr is capable of finding the exact text you are looking for in any ASCII file or files. Sometimes, however, you have only part of the information that you want to match, or you want to find a wider range of information. In such cases, findstr has the powerful capability to search for patterns of text using regular expressions.

Regular expressions are a notation for specifying patterns of text, as opposed to exact strings of characters. The notation uses literal characters and metacharacters. Every character that does not have special meaning in the regular-expression syntax is a literal character and matches an occurance of that character. For example, letters and numbers are literal characters. A metacharacter is a symbol with special meaning (an operator or delimiter) in the regular-expression syntax. These are the metacharacters accepted by findstr:

Wildcard: any character
Repeat: zero or more occurances of previous character or class
Line position: beginning of line
Line position: end of line
Character class: any one character in set
Inverse class: any one character not in set
Range: any characters within the specified range
Escape: literal use of metacharacter x
Word position: beginning of word
Word position: end of word

The special characters in regular expression syntax are most powerful when they are used together. For example, the following combination of the wildcard character (.) and repeat (*) characters


matches any string of characters. This expression is useful when it is part of a larger expression, such as


which matches any string beginning with B and ending with ing.

More Information About Findstr

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