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To display all lines from the file PENCIL.AD that contain the string "Pencil Sharpener", type the following command:

find "Pencil Sharpener"

To find a string that contains text within quotation marks, you must enclose the entire string in quotation marks and, in addition, use two quotation marks for each quotation mark contained within the string, as shown in the following example:

find "The scientists labeled their paper ""for discussion only."" It is not a final report." report.doc

If you want to search for a set of files, you can use the find command with the for command. The following command uses this method to search the current directory for files that have the extension .BAT; in each file found, the command searches for the string "PROMPT":

for %f in (*.bat) do find "PROMPT" %f

Suppose you want find to search your hard disk to find and display the filenames on drive C that contain the string "CPU". To do this you can use the pipe (|) to direct the results of a dir command to find, as shown in the following example:

dir c:\ /s /b | find "CPU"

Since find searches are case-sensitive and since dir produces uppercase output, you must either type the string "CPU" in uppercase letters or use the /i switch with find.

More Information About Find

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