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Restrictions on using exe2bin

The following restrictions apply when you use the exe2bin command:

1bmct bullet.bmp} The input file must be in valid .EXE format produced by the linker and must not be packed.

ntcmds00000002.gif The resident, or actual, code and data portions of the file combined must be less than 64K.

ntcmds00000002.gif There must be no stack segment.

Default values for parameters

The exe2bin command takes specific actions, depending upon the values you use for the input-file and output-file parameters.

ntcmds00000002.gif The default filename extension for the filename you specify for input-file is .EXE. The exe2bin command converts the input .EXE file to an output file in .BIN format (a memory image of the program) and uses the location and filename you specify for [drive2:][path2]output-file to store that output file.

ntcmds00000002.gif If you do not specify drive2 or path2, exe2bin writes the output file to the current drive and directory.

ntcmds00000002.gif If you do not specify an output filename, exe2bin uses the input filename.

ntcmds00000002.gif The default extension for the filename specified for the output-file parameter is .BIN.

Types of conversion available with exe2bin

Two types of conversion are possible, depending upon whether the initial CS:IP (Code Segment:Instruction Pointer) is specified in the .EXE file. The following list presents the two types:

ntcmds00000002.gif If the CS:IP is not specified in the .EXE file, exe2bin performs a pure binary conversion. If segment fixups are necessary (that is, if the program contains instructions requiring segment relocation), exe2bin prompts you for the fixup value. This value is the absolute segment at which the program is to be loaded. The resulting program is usable only when loaded at the absolute memory address specified by your program. The command interpreter cannot load the program.

ntcmds00000002.gif If the CS:IP is specified as 0000:100H, the file runs as a .COM file with the instruction pointer set at 100H by the assembler statement ORG. Include the .COM extension in the output-file parameter. No segment fixups are allowed, because .COM files must be segment-relocatable; that is, they must assume the entry conditions explained in the Microsoft Macro Assembler manuals. The command interpreter can then load and run the program in the same way as it loads and runs the .COM programs supplied on your Windows NT disk.

More Information About Exe2bin

ntcmds00000001.gif Exe2bin


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