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NT Command Reference


ntcmds00000001.gif echo Turns the command-echoing feature on or off, or displays a message.
ntcmds00000001.gif echoconfig Displays messages during the processing of the MS-DOS subsystem CONFIG.NT and AUTOEXEC.NT when the MS-DOS subsystem is invoked.
ntcmds00000001.gif edit Starts MS-DOS Editor, which creates and changes ASCII text files.
ntcmds00000001.gif edlin Starts Edlin, a line-oriented text editor with which you can create and change ASCII files.
ntcmds00000001.gif edlin commands List of edlin commands.
ntcmds00000001.gif endlocal Ends localization of environment changes in a batch file.
ntcmds00000001.gif erase Deletes specified files.
ntcmds00000001.gif exe2bin Converts .EXE (executable) files to binary format.
ntcmds00000001.gif exit Quits the CMD.EXE program (the command interpreter) and returns to the program that started CMD.EXE, if one exists, or to the Program Manager.
ntcmds00000001.gif expand Expands one or more compressed files.
ntcmds00000001.gif fastopen Windows NT and the MS-DOS subsystem do not use this command. It is accepted only for compatibility with MS-DOS files.
ntcmds00000001.gif fc Compares two files and displays the differences between them.
ntcmds00000001.gif fcbs Specifies the number of file control blocks (FCBs) that the MS-DOS subsystem can have open at the same time.
ntcmds00000001.gif files Sets the number of files that the MS-DOS subsystem can access at one time.
ntcmds00000001.gif filter commands Filter commands help you sort, view, and select parts of the output of a command.
ntcmds00000001.gif find Searches for a specific string of text in a file or files.
ntcmds00000001.gif findstr Searches for strings in files using literal text or regular expressions.
ntcmds00000001.gif finger Displays information about a user on a specified system running the Finger service.
ntcmds00000001.gif for Runs a specified command for each file in a set of files.
ntcmds00000001.gif forcedos Starts the specified program in the MS-DOS subsystem. This command is necessary only for those MS-DOS programs not recognized as such by Windows NT.
ntcmds00000001.gif format Formats the disk in the specified drive to accept Windows NT files.
ntcmds00000001.gif ftp Transfers files to and from a computer running an FTP server service (sometimes called a daemon).
ntcmds00000001.gif ftp commands List of FTP commands
ntcmds00000001.gif ftype Displays or modifies file types used in file extension associations.
ntcmds00000001.gif goto Directs Windows NT to a line in a batch program marked by a label you specify.
ntcmds00000001.gif graftabl Enables Windows NT to display the extended characters of a specified code page in full-screen mode.
ntcmds00000001.gif graphics Loads a program into memory that allows Windows NT to print on a printer the displayed contents of the screen when you are using a color or graphics adapter.
ntcmds00000001.gif help Provides online information about Windows NT commands (non-network).
ntcmds00000001.gif hostname Prints the name of the current computer (host).
ntcmds00000001.gif if Performs conditional processing in batch programs.
ntcmds00000001.gif install Loads a memory-resident program into memory.
ntcmds00000001.gif ipconfig This diagnostic command displays all current TCP/IP network configuration values.
ntcmds00000001.gif ipxroute Displays and modifies information about the routing tables used by the IPX protocol.
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ntcmds00000001.gif keyb Starts the keyb program, which configures a keyboard for a specific language.


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