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Transport The transport of packets between hosts is handled by the Network and two lower layers in the OSI Networking Model:

  • The Network Layer describes how a series of exchanges over various data links can deliver data between any two nodes in a network. Ex: this layer defines the addressing and routing structure of the Internet.

  • The Data Link Layer describes the logical organization of data bits transmitted on a particular medium. Ex: this layer defines the framing, addressing and checksumming of Ethernet packets.

  • The Physical Layer describes the physical properties of the various communications media, as well as the electrical properties and interpretation of the exchanged signals. Ex: this layer defines the size of Ethernet coaxial cable, the type of BNC connector used, and the termination method.

The Network Layer can be further subdivided into transport and switching. Transport protocols concern themselves with encapsulating user data, which switching protocols exchange network connectivity information and are rarely seen by users. Internet switching protocols are not covered here; see Routing Concepts and Routing Functions. The primary Internet transport protocol is IP. In fact, an Internet segment can be defined as any communications link that can exchange IP packets. ICMP provides important error handling and control functions, while IGMP offers rudimentary multicasting support.

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia


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