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      American Standard Code for Information Interchange [1].


      A request for a mail service action sent by the sender-SMTP to the


      The hierarchially structured global character string address of a
      host computer in the mail system.

   end of mail data indication

      A special sequence of characters that indicates the end of the
      mail data.  In particular, the five characters carriage return,
      line feed, period, carriage return, line feed, in that order.


      A computer in the internetwork environment on which mailboxes or
      SMTP processes reside.


      A a sequence of ASCII characters ending with a <CRLF>.

   mail data

      A sequence of ASCII characters of arbitrary length, which conforms
      to the standard set in the Standard for the Format of ARPA
      Internet Text Messages (RFC 822 [2]).


      A character string (address) which identifies a user to whom mail
      is to be sent.  Mailbox normally consists of the host and user
      specifications.  The standard mailbox naming convention is defined
      to be "user@domain".  Additionally, the "container" in which mail
      is stored.

   receiver-SMTP process

      A process which transfers mail in cooperation with a sender-SMTP
      process.  It waits for a connection to be established via the
      transport service.  It receives SMTP commands from the
      sender-SMTP, sends replies, and performs the specified operations.


      A reply is an acknowledgment (positive or negative) sent from
      receiver to sender via the transmission channel in response to a
      command.  The general form of a reply is a completion code
      (including error codes) followed by a text string.  The codes are
      for use by programs and the text is usually intended for human

   sender-SMTP process

      A process which transfers mail in cooperation with a receiver-SMTP
      process.  A local language may be used in the user interface
      command/reply dialogue.  The sender-SMTP initiates the transport
      service connection.  It initiates SMTP commands, receives replies,
      and governs the transfer of mail.


      The set of exchanges that occur while the transmission channel is


      The set of exchanges required for one message to be transmitted
      for one or more recipients.

   transmission channel

      A full-duplex communication path between a sender-SMTP and a
      receiver-SMTP for the exchange of commands, replies, and mail

   transport service

      Any reliable stream-oriented data communication services.  For
      example, NCP, TCP, NITS.


      A human being (or a process on behalf of a human being) wishing to
      obtain mail transfer service.  In addition, a recipient of
      computer mail.


      A sequence of printing characters.


      The characters carriage return and line feed (in that order).


      The space character.


Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia


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