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6.9. Historic Protocols Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
6.9. Historic Protocols

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6.9. Historic Protocols

6.9. Historic Protocols

All Historic protocols have Not Recommended status.

Protocol   Name                                                RFC  STD
========   =====================================              ===== ===
IPV6-UNI   IPv6 Provider-Based Unicast Address      Elective  2073     *
IPV6-Addr  IPv6 Addressing Architecture             Elective  1884     *
L2F        Cisco Layer Two Forwarding Protocol                2341
IPSO       DoD Security Options for IP              Elective  1108
SNMPv2     Manager-to-Manager MIB                   Elective  1451
SNMPv2     Party MIB for SNMPv2                     Elective  1447
SNMPv2     Security Protocols for SNMPv2            Elective  1446
SNMPv2     Administrative Model for SNMPv2          Elective  1445
RIP        Routing Information Protocol             Ele       1058  34
--------   Mapping full 822 to Restricted 822                 1137
BGP3       Border Gateway Protocol 3 (BGP-3)             1267,1268
--------   Gateway Requirements                      Req      1009   4
EGP        Exterior Gateway Protocol                 Rec       904  18
SNMP-MUX   SNMP MUX Protocol and MIB                          1227
OIM-MIB-II OSI Internet Management: MIB-II                    1214
IMAP3      Interactive Mail Access Protocol Version 3         1203
SUN-RPC    Remote Procedure Call Protocol Version 1           1050
802.4-MIP  IEEE 802.4 Token Bus MIB                           1230
CMOT       Common Management Information Services             1189
--------   Mail Privacy: Procedures                           1113
--------   Mail Privacy: Key Management                       1114
--------   Mail Privacy: Algorithms                           1115
NFILE      A File Access Protocol                             1037
HOSTNAME   HOSTNAME Protocol                                   953
SFTP       Simple File Transfer Protocol                       913
SUPDUP     SUPDUP Protocol                                     734
BGP        Border Gateway Protocol                       1163,1164
MIB-I      MIB-I                                              1156
SGMP       Simple Gateway Monitoring Protocol                 1028
HEMS       High Level Entity Management Protocol              1021
STATSRV    Statistics Server                                   996
POP2       Post Office Protocol, Version 2                     937
RATP       Reliable Asynchronous Transfer Protocol             916
HFEP       Host - Front End Protocol                           929
THINWIRE   Thinwire Protocol                                   914
HMP        Host Monitoring Protocol                            869
GGP        Gateway Gateway Protocol                            823
RTELNET    Remote Telnet Service                               818
CLOCK      DCNET Time Server Protocol                          778
MPM        Internet Message Protocol                           759
NETRJS     Remote Job Service                                  740
NETED      Network Standard Text Editor                        569
RJE        Remote Job Entry                                    407
XNET       Cross Net Debugger                              IEN-158
NAMESERVER Host Name Server Protocol                       IEN-116
MUX        Multiplexing Protocol                            IEN-90
GRAPHICS   Graphics Protocol                             NIC-24308

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
6.9. Historic Protocols


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