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6.7. Experimental Protocols Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
6.7. Experimental Protocols

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6.7. Experimental Protocols

6.7. Experimental Protocols

All Experimental protocols have the Limited Use status.

Protocol   Name                                                     RFC
========   =====================================                   =====
TCP-WIN    Increasing TCP's Initial Window                         2414*
PIM-SM     Protocol Independent Multicast-Sparse Mode              2362*
-------    Domain Names and Company Name Retrieva                  2345
RTP-MPEG   RTP Payload Format for Bundled MPEG                     2343
-------    Intra-LIS IP Multicast/Routers over ATM using PIM       2337
-------    Safe Response Header Field                              2310
LDAP-NIS   Approach Using LDAP as a Network Information Service    2307
HTTP-RVSA  HTTP Remote Variant Selection Algorithm                 2296
TCN-HTTP   Transparent Content Negotiation in HTTP                 2295
-------    Core Based Trees (CBT) Multicast Routing Architecture   2201
-------    Core Based Trees (CBT version 2) Multicast Routing      2189
-------    Trivial Convention using HTTP in URN Resolution         2169
-------    Resolution of URIs using DNS                            2168
MAP-MAIL   X.400 Mapping and Mail-11                               2162
MIME-ODA   A MIME Body Part for ODA                                2161
OSPF-DIG   OSPF with Digital Signature                             2154
GKMP-ARCH  Group Key Management Protocol (GKMP) Architecture       2094
GKMP-SPEC  Group Key Management Protocol (GKMP) Specification      2093
IP-SCSI    Encapsulating IP with the SCSI                          2143
X.500-NAME Managing the X.500 Root Naming Context                  2120
TFTP-MULTI TFTP Multicast Option                                   2090
IP-Echo    IP Echo Host Service                                    2075
METER-MIB  Traffic Flow Measurement Meter MIB                      2064
TFM-ARCH   Traffic Flow Measurement Architecture                   2063
DNS-SRV    Location of Services in the DNS                         2052
URAS       Uniform Resource Agents                                 2016
GPS-AR     GPS-Based Addressing and Routing                        2009
ETFTP      Enhanced Trivial File Transfer Protocol                 1986
BGP-RR     BGP Route Reflection                                    1966
BGP-ASC    Autonomous System Confederations for BGP                1965
SMKD       Scalable Multicast Key Distribution                     1949
HTML-TBL   HTML Tables                                             1942
SNMPV2SM   User-based Security Model for SNMPv2                    1910
SNMPV2AI   SNMPv2 Administrative Infrastructure                    1909
SNMPV2CB   Introduction to Community-based SNMPv2                  1901
-------    IPv6 Testing Address Allocation                         1897
DNS-LOC    Location Information in the DNS                         1876
SGML-MT    SGML Media Types                                        1874
CONT-MT    Access Type Content-ID                                  1873
UNARP      ARP Extension - UNARP                                   1868
-------    Form-based File Upload in HTML                          1867
-------    BGP/IDRP Route Server Alternative                       1863
-------    IP Authentication using Keyed SHA                       1852
ESP3DES    ESP Triple DES Transform                                1851
-------    SMTP 521 Reply Code                                     1846
-------    SMTP Serv. Ext. for Checkpoint/Restart                  1845
-------    SMTP Serv. Ext. Large and Binary MIME Msgs.             1830
ST2        Stream Protocol Version 2                               1819
-------    Content-Disposition Header                              1806
-------    Schema Publishing in X.500 Directory                    1804
-------    X.400-MHS use X.500 to support X.400-MHS Routing        1801
-------    Class A Subnet Experiment                               1797
TCP/IPXMIB TCP/IPX Connection Mib Specification                    1792
-------    TCP And UDP Over IPX Networks With Fixed Path MTU       1791
ICMP-DM    ICMP Domain Name Messages                               1788
CLNP-MULT  Host Group Extensions for CLNP Multicasting             1768
OSPF-OVFL  OSPF Database Overflow                                  1765
RWP        Remote Write ProtocolL - Version 1.0                    1756
NARP       NBMA Address Resolution Protocol                        1735
DNS-ENCODE DNS Encoding of Geographical Location                   1712
TCP-POS    An Extension to TCP: Partial Order Service              1693
T/TCP      TCP Extensions for Transactions                         1644
MIME-UNI   Using Unicode with MIME                                 1641
FOOBAR     FTP Operation Over Big Address Records                  1639
X500-CHART Charting Networks in the X.500 Directory                1609
X500-DIR   Representing IP Information in the X.500 Directory      1608
SNMP-DPI   SNMP Distributed Protocol Interface                     1592
CLNP-TUBA  Use of ISO CLNP in TUBA Environments                    1561
REM-PRINT  TPC.INT Subdomain Remote Printing - Technical           1528
EHF-MAIL   Encoding Header Field for Internet Messages             1505
RAP        Internet Route Access Protocol                          1476
TP/IX      TP/IX: The Next Internet                                1475
X400       Routing Coordination for X.400 Services                 1465
DNS        Storing Arbitrary Attributes in DNS                     1464
IRCP       Internet Relay Chat Protocol                            1459
TOS-LS     Link Security TOS                                       1455
SIFT/UFT   Sender-Initiated/Unsolicited File Transfer              1440
DIR-ARP    Directed ARP                                            1433
TEL-SPX    Telnet Authentication: SPX                              1412
TEL-KER    Telnet Authentication: Kerberos V4                      1411
TRACE-IP   Traceroute Using an IP Option                           1393
DNS-IP     Experiment in DNS Based IP Routing                      1383
RMCP       Remote Mail Checking Protocol                           1339
TCP-HIPER  TCP Extensions for High Performance                     1323
MSP2       Message Send Protocol 2                                 1312
DSLCP      Dynamically Switched Link Control                       1307
--------   X.500 and Domains                                       1279
IN-ENCAP   Internet Encapsulation Protocol                         1241
CLNS-MIB   CLNS-MIB                                                1238
CFDP       Coherent File Distribution Protocol                     1235
IP-AX.25   IP Encapsulation of AX.25 Frames                        1226
ALERTS     Managing Asynchronously Generated Alerts                1224
MPP        Message Posting Protocol                                1204
SNMP-BULK  Bulk Table Retrieval with the SNMP                      1187
DNS-RR     New DNS RR Definitions                                  1183
IMAP2      Interactive Mail Access Protocol                        1176
NTP-OSI    NTP over OSI Remote Operations                          1165
DMF-MAIL   Digest Message Format for Mail                          1153
RDP        Reliable Data Protocol                              908,1151
TCP-ACO    TCP Alternate Checksum Option                           1146
IP-DVMRP   IP Distance Vector Multicast Routing                    1075
VMTP       Versatile Message Transaction Protocol                  1045
COOKIE-JAR Authentication Scheme                                   1004
NETBLT     Bulk Data Transfer Protocol                              998
IRTP       Internet Reliable Transaction Protocol                   938
LDP        Loader Debugger Protocol                                 909
RLP        Resource Location Protocol                               887
NVP-II     Network Voice Protocol                              ISI-memo
PVP        Packet Video Protocol                               ISI-memo

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previous edition of this document.]

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6.7. Experimental Protocols


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