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6.4. Draft Standard Protocols Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
6.4. Draft Standard Protocols

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6.4. Draft Standard Protocols

6.4. Draft Standard Protocols

Protocol   Name                                     Status          RFC
========   =====================================    ============== =====
URI-GEN    URI: Generic Syntax                      Elective       2396*
IARP       Inverse Address Resolution Protocol      Elective       2390*
TFTP-Opt   TFTP Options                             Elective       2349
TFTP-Blk   TFTP Blocksize Option                    Elective       2348
TFTP-Ext   TFTP Option Extension                    Elective       2347
ONE-PASS   One-Time Password System                 Elective       2289
SMTP-Pipe  SMTP Serv. Ext. for Command Pipelining   Elective       2197
DHCP-BOOTP DHCP Options and BOOTP Extensions        Recommended    2132
DHCP       Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol      Elective       2131
FRAME-MIB  Management Information Base for Frame    Elective       2115
-------    Clarifications and Extensions BOOTP      Elective       1542
DHCP-BOOTP Interoperation Between DHCP and BOOTP    Elective       1534
BOOTP      Bootstrap Protocol                      Recommended 951,2132
MIME-CONF  MIME Conformance Criteria                Elective       2049
MIME-MSG   MIME Msg Header Ext for Non-ASCII        Elective       2047
MIME-MEDIA MIME Media Types                         Elective       2046
MIME       Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions    Elective       2045
PPP-CHAP   PPP Challenge Handshake Authentication   Elective       1994
PPP-MP     PPP Multilink Protocol                   Elective       1990
PPP-LINK   PPP Link Quality Monitoring              Elective       1989
COEX-MIB   Coexistence between SNMPV1 & SNMPV2      Elective       1908
SNMPv2-MIB MIB for SNMPv2                           Elective       1907
TRANS-MIB  Transport Mappings for SNMPv2            Elective       1906
OPS-MIB    Protocol Operations for SNMPv2           Elective       1905
CONF-MIB   Conformance Statements for SNMPv2        Elective       1904
CONV-MIB   Textual Conventions for SNMPv2           Elective       1903
SMIV2      SMI for SNMPv2                           Elective       1902
CON-MD5    Content-MD5 Header Field                 Elective       1864
OSPF-MIB   OSPF Version 2 MIB                       Elective       1850
STR-REP    String Representation ...                Elective       1779
X.500syn   X.500 String Representation ...          Elective       1778
X.500lite  X.500 Lightweight ...                    Elective       1777
BGP-4-APP  Application of BGP-4                     Elective       1772
BGP-4      Border Gateway Protocol 4                Elective       1771
PPP-DNCP   PPP DECnet Phase IV Control Protocol     Elective       1762
RMON-MIB   Remote Network Monitoring MIB            Elective       1757
802.5-MIB  IEEE 802.5 Token Ring MIB                Elective       1748
RIP2-MIB   RIP Version 2 MIB Extension              Elective       1724
RIP2       RIP Version 2-Carrying Additional Info.  Elective       1723
RIP2-APP   RIP Version 2 Protocol App. Statement    Elective       1722
SIP-MIB    SIP Interface Type MIB                   Elective       1694
-------    Def Man Objs Parallel-printer-like       Elective       1660
-------    Def Man Objs RS-232-like                 Elective       1659
-------    Def Man Objs Character Stream            Elective       1658
BGP-4-MIB  BGP-4 MIB                                Elective       1657
SMTP-8BIT  SMTP Service Ext or 8bit-MIMEtransport   Elective       1652
OSI-NSAP   Guidelines for OSI NSAP Allocation       Elective       1629
ISO-TS-ECHO Echo for ISO-8473                       Elective       1575
DECNET-MIB DECNET MIB                               Elective       1559
BRIDGE-MIB BRIDGE-MIB                               Elective       1493
NTPV3      Network Time Protocol (Version 3)        Elective       1305
IP-MTU     Path MTU Discovery                       Elective       1191
FINGER     Finger Protocol                          Elective       1288
NICNAME    WhoIs Protocol                           Elective        954

[Note: an asterisk at the end of a line indicates a change from the
previous edition of this document.]

Applicability Statements:

PPP -- Point to Point Protocol is a method of sending IP over serial lines, which are a type of physical network. It is anticipated that PPP will be advanced to the network-specifics standard protocol state in the future.

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
6.4. Draft Standard Protocols


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