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RFC 2205

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RFC 2205

RFC 2205

Network Working Group
Request for Comments: 2205
Category: Standards Track

R. Braden, Ed.
L. Zhang
S. Berson
S. Herzog
IBM Research
S. Jamin
Univ. of Michigan
September 1997

Resource ReSerVation Protocol (RSVP) -
Version 1 Functional Specification

Status of this Memo

This document specifies an Internet standards track protocol for the Internet community, and requests discussion and suggestions for improvements. Please refer to the current edition of the "Internet Official Protocol Standards" (STD 1) for the standardization state and status of this protocol. Distribution of this memo is unlimited.


This memo describes version 1 of RSVP, a resource reservation setup protocol designed for an integrated services Internet. RSVP provides receiver-initiated setup of resource reservations for multicast or unicast data flows, with good scaling and robustness properties.

Table of Contents

What's Changed

This revision contains the following very minor changes from the ID14 version.

  • For clarity, each message type is now defined separately in Section 3.1.

  • We added more precise and complete rules for accepting Path messages for unicast and multicast destinations (Section 3.1.3).

  • We added more precise and complete rules for processing and forwarding PathTear messages (Section 3.1.5).

  • A note was added that a SCOPE object will be ignored if it appears in a ResvTear message (Section 3.1.6).

  • A note was added that a SENDER_TSPEC or ADSPEC object will be ignored if it appears in a PathTear message (Section 3.1.5).

  • The obsolete error code Ambiguous Filter Spec (09) was removed, and a new (and more consistent) name was given to error code 08 (Appendix B).

  • In the generic interface to traffic control, the Adspec was added as a parameter to the AddFlow and ModFlow calls (3.11.2). This is needed to accommodate a node that updates the slack term (S) of Guaranteed service.

  • An error subtype was added for an Adspec error (Appendix B).

  • Additional explanation was added for handling a CONFIRM object (Section 3.1.4).

  • The rules for forwarding objects with unknown class type were clarified.

  • Additional discussion was added to the Introduction and to Section 3.11.2 about the relationship of RSVP to the link layer. (Section 3.10).

  • Section 2.7 on Policy and Security was split into two sections, and some additional discussion of security was included.

  • There were some minor editorial improvements.

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
RFC 2205


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