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3.11.6 Service-Dependent Manipulations Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
3.11.6 Service-Dependent Manipulations

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3.11.6 Service-Dependent Manipulations

3.11.6 Service-Dependent Manipulations

Flowspecs, Tspecs, and Adspecs are opaque objects to RSVP; their contents are defined in service specification documents. In order to manipulate these objects, RSVP process must have available to it the following service-dependent routines.

  • Compare Flowspecs

                     Compare_Flowspecs( Flowspec_1, Flowspec_2 ) ->

    The possible result_codes indicate: flowspecs are equal, Flowspec_1 is greater, Flowspec_2 is greater, flowspecs are incomparable but LUB can be computed, or flowspecs are incompatible.

    Note that comparing two flowspecs implicitly compares the Tspecs that are contained. Although the RSVP process cannot itself parse a flowspec to extract the Tspec, it can use the Compare_Flowspecs call to implicitly calculate Resv_Te (see Section 2.2).

  • Compute LUB of Flowspecs

                     LUB_of_Flowspecs( Flowspec_1, Flowspec_2 ) ->

  • Compute GLB of Flowspecs

                     GLB_of_Flowspecs( Flowspec_1, Flowspec_2 ) ->

  • Compare Tspecs

                     Compare_Tspecs( Tspec_1, Tspec_2 ) -> result_code

    The possible result_codes indicate: Tspecs are equal, or Tspecs are unequal.

  • Sum Tspecs

                     Sum_Tspecs( Tspec_1, Tspec_2 ) -> Tspec_sum

    This call is used to compute Path_Te (see Section 2.2).

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
3.11.6 Service-Dependent Manipulations


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