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1. Definitions Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
1. Definitions

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1. Definitions

1. Definitions

This document intentionally gives more definition to the roles of "Master," "Slave," and "Primary Master" servers, and their enumeration in NS RRs, and the SOA MNAME field. In that sense, the following server type definitions can be considered an addendum to [RFC1035], and are intended to be consistent with [RFC1996]:

an authoritative server that uses AXFR or IXFR to retrieve the zone and is named in the zone's NS RRset.
an authoritative server configured to be the source of AXFR or IXFR data for one or more slave servers.
Primary Master
master server at the root of the AXFR/IXFR dependency graph. The primary master is named in the zone's SOA MNAME field and optionally by an NS RR. There is by definition only one primary master server per zone.

A domain name identifies a node within the domain name space tree structure. Each node has a set (possibly empty) of Resource Records (RRs). All RRs having the same NAME, CLASS and TYPE are called a Resource Record Set (RRset).

The pseudocode used in this document is for example purposes only. If it is found to disagree with the text, the text shall be considered authoritative. If the text is found to be ambiguous, the pseudocode can be used to help resolve the ambiguity.

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
1. Definitions


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