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A. Host Configuration Parameters Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
A. Host Configuration Parameters

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A. Host Configuration Parameters

A. Host Configuration Parameters

IP-layer parameters, per host:

   Be a router                     on/off                 HRC 3.1
   Non-local source routing        on/off                 HRC 3.3.5
   Policy filters for
   non-local source routing        (list)                 HRC 3.3.5
   Maximum reassembly size         integer                HRC 3.3.2
   Default TTL                     integer                HRC
   PMTU aging timeout              integer                MTU 6.6
   MTU plateau table               (list)                 MTU 7

IP-layer parameters, per interface:

   IP address                      (address)              HRC
   Subnet mask                     (address mask)         HRC
   MTU                             integer                HRC 3.3.3
   All-subnets-MTU                 on/off                 HRC 3.3.3
   Broadcast address flavor        0x00000000/0xffffffff  HRC 3.3.6
   Perform mask discovery          on/off                 HRC
   Be a mask supplier              on/off                 HRC
   Perform router discovery        on/off                 RD 5.1
   Router solicitation address     (address)              RD 5.1
   Default routers, list of:
           router address          (address)              HRC
           preference level        integer                HRC
   Static routes, list of:
           destination             (host/subnet/net)      HRC
           destination mask        (address mask)         HRC
           type-of-service         integer                HRC
           first-hop router        (address)              HRC
           ignore redirects        on/off                 HRC
           PMTU                    integer                MTU 6.6
           perform PMTU discovery  on/off                 MTU 6.6

Link-layer parameters, per interface:

   Trailers                       on/off                 HRC 2.3.1
   ARP cache timeout              integer                HRC
   Ethernet encapsulation         (RFC 894/RFC 1042)     HRC 2.3.3

TCP parameters, per host:

   TTL                            integer                HRC
   Keep-alive interval            integer                HRC
   Keep-alive data size           0/1                    HRC


   MTU = Path MTU Discovery (RFC 1191, Draft Standard)
   RD = Router Discovery (RFC 1256, Proposed Standard)
   HRC = Host Requirements (RFC 1122, Standard)

Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
A. Host Configuration Parameters


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