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19.4.6 Introduction of Transfer-Encoding Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
19.4.6 Introduction of Transfer-Encoding

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19.4.6 Introduction of Transfer-Encoding

19.4.6 Introduction of Transfer-Encoding

HTTP/1.1 introduces the Transfer-Encoding header field (section 14.40). Proxies/gateways MUST remove any transfer coding prior to forwarding a message via a MIME-compliant protocol.

A process for decoding the "chunked" transfer coding (section 3.6) can be represented in pseudo-code as:

          length := 0
          read chunk-size, chunk-ext (if any) and CRLF
          while (chunk-size > 0) {
             read chunk-data and CRLF
             append chunk-data to entity-body
             length := length + chunk-size
             read chunk-size and CRLF
          read entity-header
          while (entity-header not empty) {
             append entity-header to existing header fields
             read entity-header
          Content-Length := length
          Remove "chunked" from Transfer-Encoding

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
19.4.6 Introduction of Transfer-Encoding


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