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14.43 Vary Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
14.43 Vary

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14.43 Vary

14.43 Vary

The Vary response-header field is used by a server to signal that the response entity was selected from the available representations of the response using server-driven negotiation (section 12). Field- names listed in Vary headers are those of request-headers. The Vary field value indicates either that the given set of header fields encompass the dimensions over which the representation might vary, or that the dimensions of variance are unspecified ("*") and thus may vary over any aspect of future requests.

          Vary  = "Vary" ":" ( "*" | 1#field-name )

An HTTP/1.1 server MUST include an appropriate Vary header field with any cachable response that is subject to server-driven negotiation. Doing so allows a cache to properly interpret future requests on that resource and informs the user agent about the presence of negotiation on that resource. A server SHOULD include an appropriate Vary header field with a non-cachable response that is subject to server-driven negotiation, since this might provide the user agent with useful information about the dimensions over which the response might vary.

The set of header fields named by the Vary field value is known as the "selecting" request-headers.

When the cache receives a subsequent request whose Request-URI specifies one or more cache entries including a Vary header, the cache MUST NOT use such a cache entry to construct a response to the new request unless all of the headers named in the cached Vary header are present in the new request, and all of the stored selecting request-headers from the previous request match the corresponding headers in the new request.

The selecting request-headers from two requests are defined to match if and only if the selecting request-headers in the first request can be transformed to the selecting request-headers in the second request by adding or removing linear whitespace (LWS) at places where this is allowed by the corresponding BNF, and/or combining multiple message- header fields with the same field name following the rules about message headers in section 4.2.

A Vary field value of "*" signals that unspecified parameters, possibly other than the contents of request-header fields (e.g., the network address of the client), play a role in the selection of the response representation. Subsequent requests on that resource can only be properly interpreted by the origin server, and thus a cache MUST forward a (possibly conditional) request even when it has a fresh response cached for the resource. See section 13.6 for use of the Vary header by caches.

A Vary field value consisting of a list of field-names signals that the representation selected for the response is based on a selection algorithm which considers ONLY the listed request-header field values in selecting the most appropriate representation. A cache MAY assume that the same selection will be made for future requests with the same values for the listed field names, for the duration of time in which the response is fresh.

The field-names given are not limited to the set of standard request-header fields defined by this specification. Field names are case-insensitive.

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14.43 Vary


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