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5.3 Example Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
5.3 Example

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5.3 Example

5.3 Example

Assume zone foo.tld has entries for


Then a query to a security aware server for would produce an error reply with the authority section data including something like the following: NXT A MX SIG NXT SIG NXT 1 3 ( ;type-cov=NXT, alg=1, labels=3
                    19960102030405 ;signature expiration
                    19951211100908 ;time signed
                    21435          ;key footprint
                    foo.tld.       ;signer
    1tVfSCSqQYn6//11U6Nld80jEeC8aTrO+KKmCaY= ;signature (640 bits)

Note that this response implies that is an existing name in the zone and thus has other RR types associated with it than NXT. However, only the NXT (and its SIG) RR appear in the response to this query for, which is a non-existent name.

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
5.3 Example


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