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3.8 File Representation of KEY RRs Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
3.8 File Representation of KEY RRs

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3.8 File Representation of KEY RRs

3.8 File Representation of KEY RRs

KEY RRs may appear as lines in a zone data master file.

The flag field, protocol, and algorithm number octets are then represented as unsigned integers. Note that if the type field has the "no key" value or the algorithm specified is 253, nothing appears after the algorithm octet.

The remaining public key portion is represented in base 64 (see Appendix) and may be divided up into any number of white space separated substrings, down to single base 64 digits, which are concatenated to obtain the full signature. These substrings can span lines using the standard parenthesis.

Note that the public key may have internal sub-fields but these do not appear in the master file representation. For example, with algorithm 1 there is a public exponent size, then a public exponent, and then a modulus. With algorithm 254, there will be an OID size, an OID, and algorithm dependent information. But in both cases only a single logical base 64 string will appear in the master file.

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
3.8 File Representation of KEY RRs


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