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6.5. Proposed Standard Protocols Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
6.5. Proposed Standard Protocols

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6.5. Proposed Standard Protocols

6.5. Proposed Standard Protocols

Protocol   Name                                     Status          RFC
========   =====================================    ============== =====
HTTP-STATE HTTP State Management Mechanism          Elective       2109*
802.3-MIB  802.3 Repeater MIB using SMIv2           Elective       2108*
PPP-NBFCP  PPP NetBIOS Frames Control Protocol      Elective       2097*
TABLE-MIB  IP Forwarding Table MIB                  Elective       2096*
IMAPPOPAU  IMAP/POP AUTHorize Extension             Elective       2095*
RIP-TRIG   Trigger RIP                              Elective       2091*
IMAP4-LIT  IMAP4 non-synchronizing literals         Elective       2088*
IMAP4-QUO  IMAP4 QUOTA extension                    Elective       2087*
IMAP4-ACL  IMAP4 ACL Extension                      Elective       2086*
HMAC-MD5   HMAC-MD5 IP Auth. with Replay Prevention Elective       2085*
RIP2-MD5   RIP-2 MD5 Authentication                 Elective       2082*
RIPNG-IPV6 RIPng for IPv6                           Elective       2080*
URI-ATT    URI Attribute Type and Object Class      Elective       2079*
GSSAP      Generic Security Service Application     Elective       2078*
MIME-MODEL Model Primary MIME Types                 Elective       2077*
RMON-MIB   Remote Network Monitoring MIB            Elective       2074*
IPV6-UNI   IPv6 Provider-Based Unicast Address      Elective       2073*
HTML-INT   HTML Internationalization                Elective       2070*
DAA        Digest Access Authentication             Elective       2069*
HTTP-1.1   Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1  Elective       2068*
DNS-SEC    Domain Name System Security Extensions   Elective       2065*
IMAPV4     Internet Message Access Protocol v4rev1  Elective       2060*
RADIUS     Remote Authentication Dial In User Serv  Elective       2058*
URLZ39.50  Uniform Resource Locators for Z39.50     Elective       2056*
SNANAU-APP SNANAU APPC MIB using SMIv2              Elective       2051*
PPP-SNACP  PPP SNA Control Protocol                 Elective       2043*
RTP-MPEG   RTP Payload Format for MPEG1/MPEG2       Elective       2038*
ENTITY-MIB Entity MIB using SMIv2                   Elective       2037*
RTP-JPEG   RTP Payload Format for JPEG-compressed   Elective       2035*
SMTP-ENH   SMTP Enhanced Error Codes                Elective       2034*
RTP-H.261  RTP Payload Format for H.261             Elective       2032*
RTP-CELLB  RTP Payload Format of Sun's CellB        Elective       2029*
SPKM       Simple Public-Key GSS-API Mechanism      Elective       2025*
DLSW-MIB   DLSw MIB using SMIv2                     Elective       2024*
IPV6-PPP   IP Version 6 over PPP                    Elective       2023*
MULTI-UNI  Multicast over UNI 3.0/3.1 based ATM     Elective       2022*
RMON-MIB   RMON MIB using SMIv2                     Elective       2021*
802.12-MIB IEEE 802.12 Interface MIB                Elective       2020*
IPV6-FDDI  Transmission of IPv6 Packets Over FDDI   Elective       2019*
TCP-ACK    TCP Selective Acknowledgement Options    Elective       2018*
URL-ACC    URL Access-Type                          Elective       2017*
MIME-PGP   MIME Security with PGP                   Elective       2015*
MIB-UDP    SNMPv2 MIB for UDP                       Elective       2013*
MIB-TCP    SNMPv2 MIB for TCP                       Elective       2012*
MIB-IP     SNMPv2 MIB for IP                        Elective       2011*
MOBILEIPMIBMobile IP MIB Definition using SMIv2     Elective       2006*
MOBILEIPAPPApplicability Statement for IP Mobility  Elective       2005*
MINI-IP    Minimal Encapsulation within IP          Elective       2004*
IPENCAPIP  IP Encapsulation within IP               Elective       2003*
MOBILEIPSUPIP Mobility Support                      Elective       2002*
TCPSLOWSRT TCP Slow Start, Congestion Avoidance...  Elective       2001*
BGP-COMM   BGP Communities Attribute                Elective       1997*
DNS-NOTIFY Mech. for Notification of Zone Changes   Elective       1996*
DNS-IZT    Incremental Zone Transfer in DNS         Elective       1995*
SMTP-ETRN  SMTP Service Extension ETRN              Elective       1985*
SNA        Serial Number Arithmetic                 Elective       1982*
MTU-IPV6   Path MTU Discovery for IP version 6      Elective       1981*
PPP-FRAME  PPP in Frame Relay                       Elective       1973*
IPV6-ETHER Transmission IPv6 Packets Over Ethernet  Elective       1972*
IPV6-AUTO  IPv6 Stateless Address Autoconfiguation  Elective       1971*
IPV6-ND    Neighbor Discovery for IP Version 6      Elective       1970*
PPP-ECP    PPP Encryption Control Protocol          Elective       1968*
GSSAPI-KER Kerberos Version 5 GSS-API Mechanism     Elective       1964*
PPP-CCP    PPP Compression Control Protocol         Elective       1962*
GSSAPI-SOC GSS-API Auth for SOCKS Version 5         Elective       1961*
LDAP-STR   String Rep. of LDAP Search Filters       Elective       1960*
LDAP-URL   LDAP URL Format                          Elective       1959*
ONE-PASS   One-Time Password System                 Elective       1938*
TRANS-IPV6 Transition Mechanisms IPv6 Hosts/Routers Elective       1933*
AUTH-SOCKS Username Authentication for SOCKS V5     Elective       1929*
SOCKSV5    SOCKS Protocol Version 5                 Elective       1928*
WHOIS++M   How to Interact with a Whois++ Mesh      Elective       1914
WHOIS++A   Architecture of Whois++ Index Service    Elective       1913
DSN        Delivery Status Notifications            Elective       1894
EMS-CODE   Enhanced Mail System Status Codes        Elective       1893
MIME-RPT   Multipart/Report                         Elective       1892
SMTP-DSN   SMTP Delivery Status Notifications       Elective       1891
RTP-AV     RTP Audio/Video Profile                  Elective       1890
RTP        Transport Protocol for Real-Time Apps    Elective       1889
DNS-IPV6   DNS Extensions to support IPv6           Elective       1886
ICMPv6     ICMPv6 for IPv6                          Elective       1885
IPV6-Addr  IPv6 Addressing Architecture             Elective       1884
IPV6       IPv6 Specification                       Elective       1883
HTML       Hypertext Markup Language - 2.0          Elective       1866
SMTP-Pipe  SMTP Serv. Ext. for Command Pipelining   Elective       1854
MIME-Sec   MIME Object Security Services            Elective       1848
MIME-Encyp MIME: Signed and Encrypted               Elective       1847
WHOIS++    Architecture of the WHOIS++ service      Elective       1835
--------   Binding Protocols for ONC RPC Version 2  Elective       1833
XDR        External Data Representation Standard    Elective       1832
RPC        Remote Procedure Call Protocol V. 2      Elective       1831
--------   ESP DES-CBC Transform                    Ele/Req        1829
--------   IP Authentication using Keyed MD5        Ele/Req        1828
ESP        IP Encapsulating Security Payload        Ele/Req        1827
IPV6-AH    IP Authentication Header                 Ele/Req        1826
--------   Security Architecture for IP             Ele/Req        1825
RREQ       Requirements for IP Version 4 Routers    Elective       1812
URL        Relative Uniform Resource Locators       Elective       1808
CLDAP      Connection-less LDAP                     Elective       1798
OSPF-DC    Ext. OSPF to Support Demand Circuits     Elective       1793
TMUX       Transport Multiplexing Protocol          Elective       1692
TFTP-Opt   TFTP Options                             Elective       1784
TFTP-Blk   TFTP Blocksize Option                    Elective       1783
TFTP-Ext   TFTP Option Extension                    Elective       1782
OSI-Dir    OSI User Friendly Naming ...             Elective       1781
MIME-EDI   MIME Encapsulation of EDI Objects        Elective       1767
Lang-Tag   Tags for Identification of Languages     Elective       1766
XNSCP      PPP XNS IDP Control Protocol             Elective       1764
BVCP       PPP Banyan Vines Control Protocol        Elective       1763
Print-MIB  Printer MIB                              Elective       1759
ATM-SIG    ATM Signaling Support for IP over ATM    Elective       1755
IPNG       Recommendation for IP Next Generation    Elective       1752
802.5-SSR  802.5 SSR MIB using SMIv2                Elective       1749
SDLCSMIv2  SNADLC SDLC MIB using SMIv2              Elective       1747
BGP4/IDRP  BGP4/IDRP for IP/OSPF Interaction        Elective       1745
AT-MIB     Appletalk MIB                            Elective       1742
MacMIME    MIME Encapsulation of Macintosh files    Elective       1740
URL        Uniform Resource Locators                Elective       1738
POP3-AUTH  POP3 AUTHentication command              Elective       1734
IMAP4-AUTH IMAP4 Authentication Mechanisms          Elective       1731
IMAP4      Internet Message Access Protocol V4      Elective       1730
RDBMS-MIB  RDMS MIB - using SMIv2                   Elective       1697
MODEM-MIB  Modem MIB - using SMIv2                  Elective       1696
ATM-MIB    ATM Management Version 8.0 using SMIv2   Elective       1695
SNANAU-MIB SNA NAUs MIB using SMIv2                 Elective       1665
PPP-TRANS  PPP Reliable Transmission                Elective       1663
BGP-4-IMP  BGP-4 Roadmap and Implementation         Elective       1656
--------   Postmaster Convention X.400 Operations   Elective       1648
TN3270-En  TN3270 Enhancements                      Elective       1647
PPP-BCP    PPP Bridging Control Protocol            Elective       1638
UPS-MIB    UPS Management Information Base          Elective       1628
AAL5-MTU   Default IP MTU for use over ATM AAL5     Elective       1626
PPP-SONET  PPP over SONET/SDH                       Elective       1619
PPP-ISDN   PPP over ISDN                            Elective       1618
DNS-R-MIB  DNS Resolver MIB Extensions              Elective       1612
DNS-S-MIB  DNS Server MIB Extensions                Elective       1611
FR-MIB     Frame Relay Service MIB                  Elective       1604
PPP-X25    PPP in X.25                              Elective       1598
OSPF-NSSA  The OSPF NSSA Option                     Elective       1587
OSPF-Multi Multicast Extensions to OSPF             Elective       1584
SONET-MIB  MIB SONET/SDH Interface Type             Elective       1595
RIP-DC     Extensions to RIP to Support Demand Cir. Elective       1582
--------   Evolution of the Interfaces Group of MIB-II Elective    1573
PPP-LCP    PPP LCP Extensions                       Elective       1570
X500-MIB   X.500 Directory Monitoring MIB           Elective       1567
MAIL-MIB   Mail Monitoring MIB                      Elective       1566
NSM-MIB    Network Services Monitoring MIB          Elective       1565
CIPX       Compressing IPX Headers Over WAM Media   Elective       1553
IPXCP      PPP Internetworking Packet Exchange Control Elective    1552
DHCP-BOOTP Interoperation Between DHCP and BOOTP    Elective       1534
DHCP-BOOTP DHCP Options and BOOTP Vendor Extensions Elective       1533
BOOTP      Clarifications and Extensions BOOTP      Elective       1542
DHCP       Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol      Elective       1541
SRB-MIB    Source Routing Bridge MIB                Elective       1525
CIDR-STRA  CIDR Address Assignment...               Elective       1519
CIDR-ARCH  CIDR Architecture...                     Elective       1518
CIDR-APP   CIDR Applicability Statement             Elective       1517
--------   802.3 MAU MIB                            Elective       1515
HOST-MIB   Host Resources MIB                       Elective       1514
--------   Token Ring Extensions to RMON MIB        Elective       1513
FDDI-MIB   FDDI Management Information Base         Elective       1512
KERBEROS   Kerberos Network Authentication Ser (V5) Elective       1510
GSSAPI     Generic Security Service API: C-bindings Elective       1509
GSSAPI     Generic Security Service Application...  Elective       1508
DASS       Distributed Authentication Security...   Elective       1507
--------   X.400 Use of Extended Character Sets     Elective       1502
HARPOON    Rules for Downgrading Messages...        Elective       1496
Mapping    MHS/RFC-822 Message Body Mapping         Elective       1495
Equiv      X.400/MIME Body Equivalences             Elective       1494
IDPR       Inter-Domain Policy Routing Protocol     Elective       1479
IDPR-ARCH  Architecture for IDPR                    Elective       1478
PPP/Bridge MIB Bridge PPP MIB                       Elective       1474
PPP/IP MIB  IP Network Control Protocol of PPP MIB  Elective       1473
PPP/SEC MIB Security Protocols of PPP MIB           Elective       1472
PPP/LCP MIB Link Control Protocol of PPP MIB        Elective       1471
X25-MIB    Multiprotocol Interconnect on X.25 MIB   Elective       1461
SNMPv2     Coexistence between SNMPv1 and SNMPv2    Elective       1452
SNMPv2     Management Information Base for SNMPv2   Elective       1450
SNMPv2     Transport Mappings for SNMPv2            Elective       1449
SNMPv2     Protocol Operations for SNMPv2           Elective       1448
SNMPv2     Conformance Statements for SNMPv2        Elective       1444
SNMPv2     Textual Conventions for SNMPv2           Elective       1443
SNMPv2     SMI for SNMPv2                           Elective       1442
SNMPv2     Introduction to SNMPv2                   Elective       1441
PEM-KEY    PEM - Key Certification                  Elective       1424
PEM-ALG    PEM - Algorithms, Modes, and Identifiers Elective       1423
PEM-CKM    PEM - Certificate-Based Key Management   Elective       1422
PEM-ENC    PEM - Message Encryption and Auth        Elective       1421
SNMP-IPX   SNMP over IPX                            Elective       1420
SNMP-AT    SNMP over AppleTalk                      Elective       1419
SNMP-OSI   SNMP over OSI                            Elective       1418
FTP-FTAM   FTP-FTAM Gateway Specification           Elective       1415
IDENT-MIB  Identification MIB                       Elective       1414
IDENT      Identification Protocol                  Elective       1413
DS3/E3-MIB DS3/E3 Interface Type                    Elective       1407
DS1/E1-MIB DS1/E1 Interface Type                    Elective       1406
BGP-OSPF   BGP OSPF Interaction                     Elective       1403
--------   Route Advertisement In BGP2 And BGP3     Elective       1397
SNMP-X.25  SNMP MIB Extension for X.25 Packet Layer Elective       1382
SNMP-LAPB  SNMP MIB Extension for X.25 LAPB         Elective       1381
PPP-ATCP   PPP AppleTalk Control Protocol           Elective       1378
PPP-OSINLCP PPP OSI Network Layer Control Protocol  Elective       1377
SNMP-PARTY-MIB Administration of SNMP               Elective       1353
SNMP-SEC   SNMP Security Protocols                  Elective       1352
SNMP-ADMIN SNMP Administrative Model                Elective       1351
TOS        Type of Service in the Internet          Elective       1349
PPP-IPCP   PPP Control Protocol                     Elective       1332
-------    X.400 1988 to 1984 downgrading           Elective       1328
-------    Mapping between X.400(1988)              Elective       1327
TCP-EXT    TCP Extensions for High Performance      Elective       1323
FRAME-MIB  Management Information Base for Frame    Elective       1315
NETFAX     File Format for the Exchange of Images   Elective       1314
IARP       Inverse Address Resolution Protocol      Elective       1293
FDDI-MIB   FDDI-MIB                                 Elective       1285
-------    Encoding Network Addresses               Elective       1277
-------    Replication and Distributed Operations   Elective       1276
-------    COSINE and Internet X.500 Schema         Elective       1274
BGP-MIB    Border Gateway Protocol MIB (Version 3)  Elective       1269
ICMP-ROUT  ICMP Router Discovery Messages           Elective       1256
OSI-UDP    OSI TS on UDP                            Elective       1240
STD-MIBs   Reassignment of Exp MIBs to Std MIBs     Elective       1239
IPX-IP     Tunneling IPX Traffic through IP Nets    Elective       1234
GINT-MIB   Extensions to the Generic-Interface MIB  Elective       1229
IS-IS      OSI IS-IS for TCP/IP Dual Environments   Elective       1195
IP-CMPRS   Compressing TCP/IP Headers               Elective       1144
NNTP       Network News Transfer Protocol           Elective        977

[Note: an asterisk at the end of a line indicates a change from the previous edition of this document.]

[Note: Ele/Req indicates elective for use with IPv4 and required for use with IPv6.]

Applicability Statements

OSPF - RFC 1370 is an applicability statement for OSPF.

Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
6.5. Proposed Standard Protocols


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