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6.2. Standard Protocols Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
6.2. Standard Protocols

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6.2. Standard Protocols

6.2. Standard Protocols

Protocol   Name                                      Status    RFC STD *
========   =====================================     ======== ==== === =
--------   Internet Official Protocol Standards      Req      2000   1
--------   Assigned Numbers                          Req      1700   2
--------   Host Requirements - Communications        Req      1122   3
--------   Host Requirements - Applications          Req      1123   3
IP         Internet Protocol                         Req       791   5
            as amended by:--------
--------     IP Subnet Extension                     Req       950   5
--------     IP Broadcast Datagrams                  Req       919   5
--------     IP Broadcast Datagrams with Subnets     Req       922   5
ICMP       Internet Control Message Protocol         Req       792   5
IGMP       Internet Group Multicast Protocol         Rec      1112   5
UDP        User Datagram Protocol                    Rec       768   6
TCP        Transmission Control Protocol             Rec       793   7
TELNET     Telnet Protocol                           Rec   854,855   8
FTP        File Transfer Protocol                    Rec       959   9
SMTP       Simple Mail Transfer Protocol             Rec       821  10
SMTP-SIZE  SMTP Service Ext for Message Size         Rec      1870  10
SMTP-EXT   SMTP Service Extensions                   Rec      1869  10
MAIL       Format of Electronic Mail Messages        Rec       822  11
CONTENT    Content Type Header Field                 Rec      1049  11
NTPV2      Network Time Protocol (Version 2)         Rec      1119  12
DOMAIN     Domain Name System                        Rec 1034,1035  13
DNS-MX     Mail Routing and the Domain System        Rec       974  14
SNMP       Simple Network Management Protocol        Rec      1157  15
SMI        Structure of Management Information       Rec      1155  16
Concise-MIB Concise MIB Definitions                  Rec      1212  16
MIB-II     Management Information Base-II            Rec      1213  17
NETBIOS    NetBIOS Service Protocols                 Ele 1001,1002  19
ECHO       Echo Protocol                             Rec       862  20
DISCARD    Discard Protocol                          Ele       863  21
CHARGEN    Character Generator Protocol              Ele       864  22
QUOTE      Quote of the Day Protocol                 Ele       865  23
USERS      Active Users Protocol                     Ele       866  24
DAYTIME    Daytime Protocol                          Ele       867  25
TIME       Time Server Protocol                      Ele       868  26
TFTP       Trivial File Transfer Protocol            Ele      1350  33
TP-TCP     ISO Transport Service on top of the TCP   Ele      1006  35
ETHER-MIB  Ethernet MIB                              Ele      1643  50
PPP        Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)             Ele      1661  51
PPP-HDLC   PPP in HDLC Framing                       Ele      1662  51
IP-SMDS    IP Datagrams over the SMDS Service        Ele      1209  52
POP3       Post Office Protocol, Version 3           Ele      1939  53 *

[Note: an asterisk at the end of a line indicates a change from the previous edition of this document.]

Applicability Statements

IGMP -- The Internet Architecture Board intends to move towards general adoption of IP multicasting, as a more efficient solution than broadcasting for many applications. The host interface has been standardized in RFC-1112; however, multicast-routing gateways are in the experimental stage and are not widely available. An Internet host should support all of RFC-1112, except for the IGMP protocol itself which is optional; see RFC-1122 for more details. Even without IGMP, implementation of RFC-1112 will provide an important advance: IP-layer access to local network multicast addressing. It is expected that IGMP will become recommended for all hosts and gateways at some future date.

SMI, MIB-II SNMP -- The Internet Architecture Board recommends that all IP and TCP implementations be network manageable. At the current time, this implies implementation of the Internet MIB-II (RFC-1213), and at least the recommended management protocol SNMP (RFC-1157).

RIP -- The Routing Information Protocol (RIP) is widely implemented and used in the Internet. However, both implementors and users should be aware that RIP has some serious technical limitations as a routing protocol. The IETF is currently devpeloping several candidates for a new standard "open" routing protocol with better properties than RIP. The IAB urges the Internet community to track these developments, and to implement the new protocol when it is standardized; improved Internet service will result for many users.

TP-TCP -- As OSI protocols become more widely implemented and used, there will be an increasing need to support interoperation with the TCP/IP protocols. The Internet Engineering Task Force is formulating strategies for interoperation. RFC-1006 provides one interoperation mode, in which TCP/IP is used to emulate TP0 in order to support OSI applications. Hosts that wish to run OSI connection-oriented applications in this mode should use the procedure described in RFC- 1006. In the future, the IAB expects that a major portion of the Internet will support both TCP/IP and OSI (inter-)network protocols in parallel, and it will then be possible to run OSI applications across the Internet using full OSI protocol "stacks".

Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
6.2. Standard Protocols


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