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3.7 Product Tokens Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
3.7 Product Tokens

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3.7 Product Tokens

3.7 Product Tokens

Product tokens are used to allow communicating applications to identify themselves via a simple product token, with an optional slash and version designator. Most fields using product tokens also allow subproducts which form a significant part of the application to be listed, separated by whitespace. By convention, the products are listed in order of their significance for identifying the application.

       product         = token ["/" product-version]
       product-version = token


       User-Agent: CERN-LineMode/2.15 libwww/2.17b3

       Server: Apache/0.8.4

Product tokens should be short and to the point -- use of them for advertizing or other non-essential information is explicitly forbidden. Although any token character may appear in a product- version, this token should only be used for a version identifier (i.e., successive versions of the same product should only differ in the product-version portion of the product value).

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
3.7 Product Tokens


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