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5.1. Fixed Layout Algorithm Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
5.1. Fixed Layout Algorithm

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5.1. Fixed Layout Algorithm

5.1. Fixed Layout Algorithm

For this algorithm, it is assumed that the number of columns is known. The column widths by default should be set to the same size. Authors may override this by specifying relative or absolute column widths, using the COLGROUP or COL elements. The default table width is the space between the current left and right margins, but may be overridden by the WIDTH attribute on the TABLE element, or determined from absolute column widths. To deal with mixtures of absolute and relative column widths, the first step is to allocate space from the table width to columns with absolute widths. After this, the space remaining is divided up between the columns with relative widths.

The table syntax alone is insufficient to guarantee the consistency of attribute values. For instance, the number of columns specified by the COLS attribute may be inconsistent with the number of columns implied by the COL elements. This in turn, may be inconsistent with the number of columns implied by the table cells. A further problem occurs when the columns are too narrow to avoid overflow of cell contents. The width of the table as specified by the TABLE element or COL elements may result in overflow of cell contents. It is recommended that user agents attempt to recover gracefully from these situations, e.g. by hyphenating words and resorting to splitting words if hyphenation points are unknown.

In the event that an indivisible element causes cell overflow, the user agent may consider adjusting column widths and re-rendering the table. In the worst case clipping may be considered if column width adjustments and/or scrollable cell content are not feasible. In any case if cell content is split or clipped this should be indicated to the user in an appropriate manner.

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
5.1. Fixed Layout Algorithm


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