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10.2. Object Definitions Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
10.2. Object Definitions

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10.2. Object Definitions

10.2. Object Definitions

An object definition may be revised in any of the following ways:

  1. A SYNTAX clause containing an enumerated INTEGER may have new enumerations added or existing labels changed.

  2. A STATUS clause value of "current" may be revised as "deprecated" or "obsolete". Similarly, a STATUS clause value of "deprecated" may be revised as "obsolete".

  3. A DEFVAL clause may be added or updated.

  4. A REFERENCE clause may be added or updated.

  5. A UNITS clause may be added.

  6. A conceptual row may be augmented by adding new columnar objects at the end of the row.

  7. Entirely new objects may be defined, named with previously unassigned OBJECT IDENTIFIER values.

Otherwise, if the semantics of any previously defined object are changed (i.e., if a non-editorial change is made to any clause other those specifically allowed above), then the OBJECT IDENTIFIER value associated with that object must also be changed.

Note that changing the descriptor associated with an existing object is considered a semantic change, as these strings may be used in an IMPORTS statement.

Finally, note that if an object has the value of its STATUS clause changed, then the value of its DESCRIPTION clause should be updated accordingly.

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
10.2. Object Definitions


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