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7. Port Assignment Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
7. Port Assignment

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7. Port Assignment

7. Port Assignment

As specified in the RTP protocol definition, RTP data is to be carried on an even UDP port number and the corresponding RTCP packets are to be carried on the next higher (odd) port number.

Applications operating under this profile may use any such UDP port pair. For example, the port pair may be allocated randomly by a session management program. A single fixed port number pair cannot be required because multiple applications using this profile are likely to run on the same host, and there are some operating systems that do not allow multiple processes to use the same UDP port with different multicast addresses.

However, port numbers 5004 and 5005 have been registered for use with this profile for those applications that choose to use them as the default pair. Applications that operate under multiple profiles may use this port pair as an indication to select this profile if they are not subject to the constraint of the previous paragraph. Applications need not have a default and may require that the port pair be explicitly specified. The particular port numbers were chosen to lie in the range above 5000 to accomodate port number allocation practice within the Unix operating system, where port numbers below 1024 can only be used by privileged processes and port numbers between 1024 and 5000 are automatically assigned by the operating system.

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
7. Port Assignment


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