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11.1 RTCP packet types Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
11.1 RTCP packet types

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11.1 RTCP packet types

11.1 RTCP packet types

   abbrev.    name                   value
   SR         sender report            200
   RR         receiver report          201
   SDES       source description       202
   BYE        goodbye                  203
   APP        application-defined      204

These type values were chosen in the range 200-204 for improved header validity checking of RTCP packets compared to RTP packets or other unrelated packets. When the RTCP packet type field is compared to the corresponding octet of the RTP header, this range corresponds to the marker bit being 1 (which it usually is not in data packets) and to the high bit of the standard payload type field being 1 (since the static payload types are typically defined in the low half). This range was also chosen to be some distance numerically from 0 and 255 since all-zeros and all-ones are common data patterns.

Since all compound RTCP packets must begin with SR or RR, these codes were chosen as an even/odd pair to allow the RTCP validity check to test the maximum number of bits with mask and value.

Other constants are assigned by IANA. Experimenters are encouraged to register the numbers they need for experiments, and then unregister those which prove to be unneeded.

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
11.1 RTCP packet types


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