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6.3 Sender and Receiver Reports Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
6.3 Sender and Receiver Reports

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6.3 Sender and Receiver Reports

6.3 Sender and Receiver Reports

RTP receivers provide reception quality feedback using RTCP report packets which may take one of two forms depending upon whether or not the receiver is also a sender. The only difference between the sender report (SR) and receiver report (RR) forms, besides the packet type code, is that the sender report includes a 20-byte sender information section for use by active senders. The SR is issued if a site has sent any data packets during the interval since issuing the last report or the previous one, otherwise the RR is issued.

Both the SR and RR forms include zero or more reception report blocks, one for each of the synchronization sources from which this receiver has received RTP data packets since the last report. Reports are not issued for contributing sources listed in the CSRC list. Each reception report block provides statistics about the data received from the particular source indicated in that block. Since a maximum of 31 reception report blocks will fit in an SR or RR packet, additional RR packets may be stacked after the initial SR or RR packet as needed to contain the reception reports for all sources heard during the interval since the last report.

The next sections define the formats of the two reports, how they may be extended in a profile-specific manner if an application requires additional feedback information, and how the reports may be used. Details of reception reporting by translators and mixers is given in Section 7.

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
6.3 Sender and Receiver Reports


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