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2.2.2 RPCBIND, Version 4 Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
2.2.2 RPCBIND, Version 4

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2.2.2 RPCBIND, Version 4

2.2.2 RPCBIND, Version 4

Version 4 of the RPCBIND protocol includes all of the above procedures, and adds several additional ones.


This procedure is identical to the version 3 RPCBPROC_CALLIT procedure. The new name indicates that the procedure should be used for broadcast RPCs only. RPCBPROC_INDIRECT, defined below, should be used for indirect RPC calls.


This procedure is similar to RPCBPROC_GETADDR. The difference is the "r_vers" field of the rpcb structure can be used to specify the version of interest. If that version is not registered, no address is returned.


Similar to RPCBPROC_CALLIT. Instead of being silent about errors (such as the program not being registered on the system), this procedure returns an indication of the error. This procedure should not be used for broadcast RPC. It is intended to be used with indirect RPC calls only.


This procedure returns a list of addresses for the given rpcb entry. The client may be able use the results to determine alternate transports that it can use to communicate with the server.


This procedure returns statistics on the activity of the RPCBIND server. The information lists the number and kind of requests the server has received.

Note - All procedures except RPCBPROC_SET and RPCBPROC_UNSET can be called by clients running on a machine other than a machine on which RPCBIND is running. RPCBIND only accepts RPCBPROC_SET and RPCBPROC_UNSET requests by clients running on the same machine as the RPCBIND program.

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
2.2.2 RPCBIND, Version 4


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