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1.3 Remote Procedure Call Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
1.3 Remote Procedure Call

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1.3 Remote Procedure Call

1.3 Remote Procedure Call

The Sun Remote Procedure Call specification provides a procedure-oriented interface to remote services. Each server supplies a program, which is a set of procedures. The NFS service is one such program. The combination of host address, program number, version number, and procedure number specify one remote service procedure. Servers can support multiple versions of a program by using different protocol version numbers.

The NFS protocol was designed to not require any specific level of reliability from its lower levels so it could potentially be used on many underlying transport protocols. The NFS service is based on RPC which provides the abstraction above lower level network and transport protocols.

The rest of this document assumes the NFS environment is implemented on top of Sun RPC, which is specified in [RFC1057]. A complete discussion is found in [Corbin].

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
1.3 Remote Procedure Call


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