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3.3.3 Procedure 3: LOOKUP - Lookup filename Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
3.3.3 Procedure 3: LOOKUP - Lookup filename

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3.3.3 Procedure 3: LOOKUP - Lookup filename

3.3.3 Procedure 3: LOOKUP - Lookup filename


      LOOKUP3res NFSPROC3_LOOKUP(LOOKUP3args) = 3;

      struct LOOKUP3args {
           diropargs3  what;

      struct LOOKUP3resok {
           nfs_fh3      object;
           post_op_attr obj_attributes;
           post_op_attr dir_attributes;

      struct LOOKUP3resfail {
           post_op_attr dir_attributes;

      union LOOKUP3res switch (nfsstat3 status) {
      case NFS3_OK:
           LOOKUP3resok    resok;
           LOOKUP3resfail  resfail;


Procedure LOOKUP searches a directory for a specific name and returns the file handle for the corresponding file system object. On entry, the arguments in LOOKUP3args are:


Object to look up:


The file handle for the directory to search.


The filename to be searched for. Refer to General comments on filenames on page 30.

On successful return, LOOKUP3res.status is NFS3_OK and LOOKUP3res.resok contains:


The file handle of the object corresponding to


The attributes of the object corresponding to


The post-operation attributes of the directory, what.dir.

Otherwise, LOOKUP3res.status contains the error on failure and LOOKUP3res.resfail contains the following:


The post-operation attributes for the directory, what.dir.


At first glance, in the case where refers to a mount point on the server, two different replies seem possible. The server can return either the file handle for the underlying directory that is mounted on or the file handle of the root of the mounted directory. This ambiguity is simply resolved. A server will not allow a LOOKUP operation to cross a mountpoint to the root of a different filesystem, even if the filesystem is exported. This does not prevent a client from accessing a hierarchy of filesystems exported by a server, but the client must mount each of the filesystems individually so that the mountpoint crossing takes place on the client. A given server implementation may refine these rules given capabilities or limitations particular to that implementation. Refer to [X/OpenNFS] for a discussion on exporting file systems.

Two filenames are distinguished, as in the NFS version 2 protocol. The name, ".", is an alias for the current directory and the name, "..", is an alias for the parent directory; that is, the directory that includes the specified directory as a member. There is no facility for dealing with a multiparented directory and the NFS protocol assumes a hierarchical organization, organized as a single-rooted tree.

Note that this procedure does not follow symbolic links. The client is responsible for all parsing of filenames including filenames that are modified by symbolic links encountered during the lookup process.




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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
3.3.3 Procedure 3: LOOKUP - Lookup filename


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