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1. Acknowledgements Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
1. Acknowledgements

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1. Acknowledgements

1. Acknowledgements

This document was originally published as RFC 1267 in October 1991, jointly authored by Kirk Lougheed (cisco Systems) and Yakov Rekhter (IBM).

We would like to express our thanks to Guy Almes (ANS), Len Bosack (cisco Systems), and Jeffrey C. Honig (Cornell University) for their contributions to the earlier version of this document.

We like to explicitly thank Bob Braden (ISI) for the review of the earlier version of this document as well as his constructive and valuable comments.

We would also like to thank Bob Hinden, Director for Routing of the Internet Engineering Steering Group, and the team of reviewers he assembled to review the previous version (BGP-2) of this document. This team, consisting of Deborah Estrin, Milo Medin, John Moy, Radia Perlman, Martha Steenstrup, Mike St. Johns, and Paul Tsuchiya, acted with a strong combination of toughness, professionalism, and courtesy.

This updated version of the document is the product of the IETF IDR Working Group with Yakov Rekhter and Tony Li as editors. Certain sections of the document borrowed heavily from IDRP [7], which is the OSI counterpart of BGP. For this credit should be given to the ANSI X3S3.3 group chaired by Lyman Chapin (BBN) and to Charles Kunzinger (IBM Corp.) who was the IDRP editor within that group. We would also like to thank Mike Craren (Proteon, Inc.), Dimitry Haskin (Bay Networks, Inc.), John Krawczyk (Bay Networks, Inc.), and Paul Traina (cisco Systems) for their insightful comments.

We would like to specially acknowledge numerous contributions by Dennis Ferguson (MCI).

The work of Yakov Rekhter was supported in part by the National Science Foundation under Grant Number NCR-9219216.

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Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
1. Acknowledgements


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